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It is with great saddness I have had to close my shop and stop making Reborn Babies due to illness.  You may still email me should you have any questions, I am alway willing to help. If you need supplies please see my "Reborning Supplies and Service"page for a link to where you can find supplies.

~~~ Thank you all and please give your support to help find a cure for Breast Cancer ~~~

Hello and thank you for taking time to stop by my website for a visit. Over the past several years I have had the joy of becoming acquainted with the wonderful art of "Reborning".  I have spent countless hours researching and studying the craft and creating my own style of reborning.  There is a special pride in creating a "baby" that will be loved and cherished for generations to come.  This site is the result of many, many hours spent scanning the internet when I first discovered the wonderful art of Reborn Dolls.






When I first discovered Reborns and being unsuccessful at purchasing one, I decided I would try to learn how they were made and make my own little treasure.  At the time, there was nothing in the UK relating to the art. Wanting to learn, I began gathering information from various sites and from people I talked with about the art from all over the world.  


As supplies were very hard to find, I looked for people and places carrying items and supplies for this fast growing art.  Most of the information I found was from US sites therefore the reborning supplies used were, for the most part, unobtainable in the UK.  Through hunting and testing I found  equivalent products in the UK and kept a list of these and various suppliers in other countries who would happily send to the UK.


Through the gathering of information I have learned a great deal.  I did finally create my very own reborn but it didn't end there.  I continued to learn and to reborn “babies” and have an extensive business making them for people privately as well as occasionally selling on Ebay.  I am always willing to answer questions and help whenever I can.  I also believe in sharing my techniques to help others learn this wonderful art called "Reborning".


It has taken me a while to create a website dedicated to my art and the many "babies" I have made in the past. I will be adding more to the site as new arrivals are reborn in the nursery and are made available for adoption or have been adopted.

Please visit often to see the new additions and any changes to the site.  I will try to post reborning techniques and tips as well has useful information to both the beginner and advanced Reborner.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding the wonderful art of Reborning.